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The Silva Method ReviewWhen I first got into self help and personal development I consumed tons of information and read lots of different books. One particular course stood out though which was the Silva Method.

Unbeknown to me at the time the Silva Method was in fact released in the 1960?s and was already a standalone product with a global audience.

It has grown to become one of the most popular self help courses available with a huge fan-base of loyal followers. But what exactly is it and what is it intended to do?

A closer look at the Silva Method

The Silva Method otherwise known as the Silva Life System is a set of tools and coaching for helping enhance the performance of the brain and expand the mind. It combines self-hypnosis, meditation and brain stimulating exercises to help you control your mind and increase your state of consciousness (awareness).

This course was developed by Jose Silva who had initially started developing his ?method? in 1944. It wasn?t until almost 20 years later that the Silva Method was made available to the public.

Initially Jose had released publications on his work and findings but the company has now evolved and tweaked the original ?method? to deliver a comprehensive coaching suite which is delivered in digital format making it easily accessible for anyone.

How Does It Work?

There are way to many individual factors that explain how the Silva Method works to include in this post alone. However the main factors are a combination of positive thinking, visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis and mind programming (NLP) techniques.

It teaches you how to enter deepened meditative state to increase your state of consciousness. Essentially the Alpha state of consciousness is when you?re in a nice relaxed meditative state.

There are also a series of mind training exercises which help to influence the right hemisphere of the brain combined with visualization and positive techniques and such like.

Does It Work?

Since the time it had first presented to the general public it?s presently been widely used by people from all corners of the globe. Some swear by the teachings of Jose Silva and state that it had a positive impact in their life whilst others say they saw no benefits.

It all depends on whether you want change to take place in your life in the first place. Whatever the reason for change the Silva Method offers a set of tools and training to help you develop the mental attitude to achieve your goals.

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